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Want to run your CIJ Trouble free
Yes it is possible
Just change the Blood with a good one

All continuous Inkjet printers uses a nonstop circulation of highly aggressive inks which are essential to ensure good bonding and quick drying.

The ink is responsible for frequent clogging , blocking of ink system and print head components, approximately 90% of the breakdowns are found in ink system and print head.

As a result , there are regular breakdown and costly part replacements.

Choosing a good quality ink is the key for the highest performance and lowest cost of ownership for all continuous inkjet printing machines.

Last two decades we are supplying the world’s best CIJ Inks which have a right blend of additives to make it non clogging and using them can definitely reduce your service cost and increase printers reliability.

These inks have already been adopted by many major OEMs after evaluating the performance.

We offer USA Make superior, high quality replacement inks , make - up etc for all major brands of inkjet printer. These products are designed considering applications and optimum performance of your Inkjet printer. In Addition to better performance and application results , you will save on the running cost by using our products. For further details of brands and type of ink please mail us at info@marknprint.com